Sunday, November 27, 2011

Many People ask "What is Hobby Hill Farm? Who is Hobby Hill Farm"?

     Hobby Hill Farm is more than a horse farm, more than an on-line retail operation.  Hobby Hill Farm is a family owned business that started out as a "pleasure operation".  In 1999 we bought one quarterhorse and ended up with 6 horses by the end of 2001.   Working full time jobs can be hectic with 6 horses.  After all the chores are done that leaves a limited amount of time for riding let alone anything else.  We looked forward to the summers when we had extra daylight to ride in the evening hours, but dread the intense heat and humidity that follows. 

    Summer 2006, Hobby Hill tests water activated cooling fabrics on Horses using our in-house design aptly named Equine Koozie(Tm) and begins marketing the "Equine Koozie" in 2007. The Equine Koozie(Tm) is an evaporative cooling garment for horses without gels, crystals or beads & is non-toxic.  Fast forward to 2011 - Hobby Hill Farm is manufacturing cooling garments for Dogs and People along with the Equine Koozie(tm) and selling them worldwide. We have even done some cooling mats for chickens!!  It was never our intention to grow into a large retail operation nor did we intend to be a manufacturer of Cooling Products or Purses & Totes. 

    Things happen .. which  leads us to Summer of 2011.  The ultimate test - What can you do to reduce your footprint on society?  is your "farm operation" self sustaining? What happens when the price of food skyrockets?  Are you prepared for increases in grain for your livestock & most importantly how can you prepare your operation to be in the best possible position as prices rise?  We put that question to the ultimate test this past summer with an awesome garden, recycling of manure to compost and installing rain barrels around our barn.  To prepare for 2012 we have planted fruit trees and berry bushes, started canning on a small scale and most importantly SHARING what we have done with our farm.

    This goes to show you that you may start in one direction and end up somewhere totally different.  I am sure you can agree with me that things don't always turn out how you planned them.  If you would like to share your experience with us we would love to have you as a guest blogger.  Whether the topic is on your garden, food related or anything that you have learned along the way pertaining to the self sustaining lifestyle.  This is a journey why don't you come along for the adventure. Please feel free to comment and contact us if you would like to add to our blog.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I am in love with your website. We have a horse, puppy, kitties, birds and I cook and garden so your site is just my kind of place. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Welcome Kim Bee & Lysa - We have alot of great things in store for our blog and can't wait to dive in with our next "article".

    We have Horses, 1 rescue dog and if you can believe someone dropped the latest addition to our family at the barn. We are not sure if the kitten is male or female we just know that last years addition is showing the kitten the ropes. We have also named this one "SIX" which indicates the number we now have. Knowing that it is not even kitten season we have decided to keep kitty and spay/neuter as soon as possible.

    Glad to have you aboard. Feel free to comment here or on facebook. We set this site up to "SHARE" with anyone and everyone. Have a great holiday! ~sharon